Shentel turns any TV into a Smart TV

Shentel TV is a new way to search, discover and record live and on-demand video content. Plus, Shentel TV gives you the freedom to put your TV anywhere you want in your home without the need to connect to a cable outlet!

Shentel TV offers:

  • Unified Search, to find your favorite shows wherever they are
  • Up to 500 hours of DVR recording time available
  • The ability to restart a program
  • Personalized recommendations based on your viewing history
  • Voice activated remote control

Shentel TV service may vary by area.
TiVo user interface displayed on a TV, laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

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A graphic showing TiVo's voice control TV remote.

Say it. Watch It.

Use the voice remote to speak naturally to your Shentel TV and get to your favorites faster. Navigate through your entertainment options hands-free, making your TV experience more convenient and enjoyable.

  • Search for TV shows that meet specific criteria
    Ex: Show me action movies from the 80's
  • Jump straight to your desired screen
    Ex: Take me to the channel guide
  • Open specific streaming apps
    Ex: Open netflix
  • Find programming using your favorite movie quotes
    Ex: Show me that movie where they say 'Hasta la vista, baby!'

Single Screen Experience: An All-In-One Streaming Platform

See all your live shows, recorded content and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, all in one platform with Shentel TV. Get full access to your saved recordings, and recommended shows, all with an intuitive guide.

A family gathered in the living room, enjoying Shentel's TV streaming services on various devices, showcasing the convenience of its all-in-one streaming hub..

TiVo user interface displayed on a TV, laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

Live National and Local Sports on Shentel TV

Catch your games in any room! Shentel TV features live games from local sports, college, and pro leagues. With both the top national and local sports channels, Shentel TV is the best seat for the sports you love.

Live Breaking News on Shentel TV: FOX News, CNN, and More

Watch live news from both local and national news channels including FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. Shentel TV lets you record a show to later watch on any device.

TiVo user interface displayed on a TV, laptop, tablet, and cell phone.

Internet, Phone, and TV Streaming Bundling

Combine Shentel's high-speed internet, reliable home phone, and all-in-one TV streaming services into one convenient package. Enjoy connectivity, communication, and entertainment, all while saving money.

All services and bundles not available in all areas.


Shentel TV Frequently Asked Questions

Shentel TV offers the flexibility to watch your favorite shows on any device without the need for a cable outlet, providing an all-in-one streaming hub that integrates live TV, DVR, and popular streaming apps. With features like voice-activated remote control, personalized recommendations, and no long-term contracts, Shentel TV delivers a modern, convenient, and customizable viewing experience that traditional cable TV can't match.

Shentel TV is delivered through the internet and can be accessed through the Shentel TV app. You can use any of your devices to connect to Shentel TV. You can get up to 6 simultaneous connections per account.

Yes! The Shentel TV app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Shentel TV has all of the most popular channels. Watch live sports channels like BCSN, news channels like FOX News and CNN, and family favorites including Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Click 'Support' in the top right corner of this page and search for channel lineup to view available channels in your area.

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