Environmental. Social. Governance.

Shentel Sustainability

The values and initiatives that have led to Shentel’s success in providing rural communities access to the same level of telecommunication services as those found anywhere else in the U.S. also guide us in our efforts to create and maintain an equitable and sustainable platform for our employees, environment, community and stakeholders.

Shentel’s initiatives and activities are organized under the 3 pillars that make up ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

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Shentel is committed to the environment and improving the efficiencies and environmental awareness throughout our value chain of operations.  To that end, below are just some of our areas of focus:

  • Purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid electric bucket trucks to reduce emissions and engine idle time.
  • Implementing a GPS vehicle tracking system, as well as an automated dispatch system, both aimed at minimizing mileage driven by technicians and reducing emissions by limiting engine idle time.
  • Recycling programs at warehouse facilities for items including used electronics, scrap cable, cardboard, plastic, pallets and cable reels.
  • Recycling programs at office facilities for items including paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum.
  • Deploying energy-efficient LED lighting with automated lighting controls.
  • All batteries are recycled in accordance with the EPA’s Universal Waste Program and Federal Universal Waste Regulations.
  • Vendor selection for all electronics equipment considers space, power consumption, and BTUs required for cooling.


Shentel encourages personal and professional growth of our employees and we promote diversity, equity and inclusion supported through the foundation of our Positive People Philosophy. These efforts, coupled together, make Shentel unique in our perspectives, but unified in our goals and actions. Additionally, Shentel is committed to fostering social mobility by strengthening the competencies and skills of the communities in which we operate. The following are some of our initiatives and efforts in this area:

  • At its core, Shentel’s Mission is to support our local and rural communities in which we operate and provide a level playing field with respect to access to information and communication.
  • DE&I (Diversity, Equality & Inclusion) Committee and Diversity training.
  • Employee and leadership development to allow employees to grow both technically as well as personally.
  • Shentel’s Affirmative Action Program.
  • The annual “Big Give” campaign, which sees employees from across the organization forming teams to support organizations and charities that seek assistance during the holiday season.
  • The Shentel Foundation that provides matching contributions to support the interests and concerns of our employees and to recognize and encourage active community involvement.
  • COVID-19 Response Efforts – during an unprecedented pandemic, we continued to deploy training, support and resources to our employees, not only ensuring their safety and security, but also minimizing business interruption and job-loss. We continue to employ health and safety measures at our facilities and provide training and awareness to our technicians in the field.
  • We offer high-skilled jobs with competitive compensation and benefits packages in the communities where such opportunities are often times lacking.
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Shentel recognizes that strong corporate governance balances the needs of our employees, partners, shareholders and communities and we are committed to operating in a responsible, sustainable and impactful manner.